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Vehicle Fluids


Topping up your vehicle fluids is taught as preventative maintenance.  Although it may be common sense, in today's busy lives, most car owners neglect to keep a watchful eye out.  All it takes is checking every time you pump gas.  There is plenty of time, and the information gained will greatly increase the life of your vehicle.  By always making sure there is enough coolant in your system, you will have a less chance to ruin a water pump, it will keep your hoses, properly lubricated, preventing them from drying out and cracking prematurely, and make sure your engine is always running smooth.

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Different types of cooling and fluid pumps

From radiator pumps to engine water pumps, and all the other various pumps within your vehicle are responsible for ensuring that the right fluids are sent to the right areas. When dealing with problems in these areas, getting the right diagnosis and means of repair is important and Fast and Friendly Mobile Mechanics provides you with simplicity in this service. Whether we have the means to provide you with a repair or a full replacement is warranted, you can be sure that our professional mechanic will always look for the most cost-effective means for you to get the results you need for your vehicle.  Always remember there are many different types of cooling fluid.  Some come in a neon green color, others a neon red color.  Commonly they are named coolant, or antifreeze.  Using the improper coolant can contribute to early rust, and efficiency problems while running your engine.  Always try to use compatible fluids in your vehicle,  if you do not know what coolants to use, ask your local auto parts store, or call us and speak with a mechanic today.

If either your pumps or hoses are beyond salvation, looking to a full replacement can be the step to take. Fast and Friendly Mobile Mechanics provides you with the capability to address and replace any aspect of your vehicle through affordable mechanics you can trust. Even though we bring you the results you need within your own property rather than in a service station, it would be folly to assume a convenient, cheap mechanic service is less in quality. We have the high levels of experience you can expect in a more traditional setting, with the capability to provide emergency mechanic options as well.


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