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Welcome to the premier mobile mechanic in the Roseville area.  Servicing vehicles for over 15 years.  Our mechanics are certified, with the experience to diagnose your car's problems correctly the first time.  We offer high quality, auto repair services that come directly to you.  Like a traditional auto garage, where you normally would need to bring your vehicle in to have it be serviced, we offer the same great repair services, but are able to travel conveniently to your home, place of business, or anywhere else you need us.  Because we are mobile mechanic, our fees are much cheaper than a normal brick and mortar location.  Due to a much lower overhead cost, we are able to offer better services at lower prices.  Our mobile diagnostic service is only $95, and saves you time and money, by allowing you skip going out of your way, and driving across town to have your car or truck worked on. 


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Mobile mechanic shop Roseville

How Does A Mobile Mechanic Work?

Mobile auto repair tends to be better and more conveniently for the customer.  50 years ago, none of this would have been possible.  Today, technology has allowed everyone the ability to call, send us your location, without directions, and know that we will be there to service your vehicle for you.  We have streamlined the traditional auto repair process, eliminated the need for costly overhead, and can service any vehicle, at your desired location, while at the same time saving you time and money.
You call us, and we’ll send a mobile mechanic to come out, evaluate what’s wrong, and run a complete diagnostic inspection.  Then, we'll give you an estimate of what the repair will take, and finally, with your permission, repair your vehicle right on the spot.  All our jobs are quoted at a labor rate of $95 per hour, not including parts.  Usually, it’s something minor and will be fixed quickly, but every now and then there may be some complexities that will require some more time.  No matter what the case, we will take the time and make sure your car is repaired correctly the first time. If your vehicle needs repair, don’t delay, and allow the problem to get worse. Have us check it out, and get you safely back on the road. We are your number one choice for mobile auto repair services in the Roseville area!

About Our Service

Our mission at Fast and Friendly Mobile Mechanics is to conveniently provide our clients with high quality auto repair, wherever they need it most.  All our mechanics have a minimum of 10 years experience, and provide the same, if not, better quality and workmanship than you would expect from a traditional service station.  Avoid the added expense and wasted time of towing your car or truck to the shop. Have us come to you instead. We could charge more for convenience, and most mechanic services do, but you will see our prices are much more reasonable than a regular repair shop, and definitely beat those of the big corporate websites.  Call now and speak with a mobile mechanic near you on how you can save time out of your day by having us work on your vehicle while you are at work.    If you must tow your vehicle, make sure to use a reputable company like Tow Truck Townsville.

Our General Service Area

We proudly offer service in Roseville CA and the surrounding areas.  Our level of service and professionalism is second to none, by bringing our repair services to you at your convenience.  Although we are mobile mechanic, we can fulfill almost any repair with the same expert service as a conventional auto repair garage.  As a mechanic, we repair the mechanical parts, if you are looking for body work, look for a collision repair shop like such as Orange County auto body shop to service you. You don’t have to sacrifice quality just to receive a great price.  With a lower overhead cost, we maintain a competitive edge in pricing over the other mechanics near you.  Service areas include: Granite Bay, Rocklin, Loomis, Antelope, Citrus Heights, North Highlands, Whitney 

We are proud to work with members of the automotive industry.  Check out some of our Preferred Partners:

Mobile Diagnostics Service

If your car is having problems, getting a mobile auto diagnostic test is essential.  Left in the dark you can't figure out what the problem is?  The worst part about having trouble with your car is not knowing what’s wrong with it.  Sometimes you might think you have a serious problem, but the fix is as simple as swapping out a bad sensor.  Other times you may only have a check engine light on, but it could turn out to be something major, or even worse, it could start a chain reaction that makes a small problem into a very large one.  Big or small, the key is to know what it is, and how to fix it.  The experts at Fast_and_Friendly Mobile Mechanics, have the tools to diagnose your vehicle’s problems, and the experience to correctly know what needs to be done to correct it.    

Mobile Mechanic Roseville
Mobile Mechanic Roseville Fluid Check

Cooling Pumps Fluids & Hoses

All vehicles need their fluids.  Although they are only machines, just like your body, when you are not hydrated, you will start to feel less than optimal.  Luckily, fixing a ruptured hose, or a faulty water pump is a lot easier on an automobile than a human. And thankfully it’s also a lot less expensive.  There is actually an industry term for that, "preventative maintenance."  Something most people neglect like it is their job.  We advise that you get a full tune up at least once a year.  There are specific recommendations by vehicle manufacturers, but an annual check up is a good rule of thumb.  Most people will experience a blow out of a hose at some point in their lifetime.  It is a normal occurrence, and normally it is a relatively inexpensive repair. But, be sure to never drive your vehicle if it has a faulty hose or water pump as it may cause severe damage to other parts of the vehicle, and possibly ruin the engine, transmission, or other major component of the vehicle. 

Vehicle AC Repair Roseville

Climate Control AC & Heating

Although you might be able to bundle up during those cold Roseville mornings in the winter months, if your air conditioner doesn't work in the summer, procrastination is not an option. You'll need to get that sucker fixed.  It's not only interior climate control that you should be concerned about.  The heating and cooling system of your vehicle is tied into the radiator as well.  When the interior system fails, it may be a symptom of something more crucial, or an early warning sign for something under the hood.  You can rely on us as your mobile mechanic, no matter what the reason, no matter what the season, we can diagnose your issues and deliver the services you need. 


Under the Hood Mobile Engine Repair

What's that funny light that pops up next to my odometer?  You should pay attention to the light indicators that start to show up on your car's information console.  The most common lights are related to, low tire pressure, low washer fluid, brakes, and engine.  When your engine light goes on, do not put it off discovering what it means.  It may be just time for your regular oil change, or it may be there is a severe problem with an engine component.  We know you rely on your vehicle probably more than your significant other, lol.  But just because you need it to get to work, don't wait to get your check engine lights cleared, or you may be back to relying on your significant other more than your vehicle.  If you can't take time off from work, and absolutely must drive it to get to your job.  Have us come and check it out while you work.  We will meet you at your place of business, so you can save time, and save your trusty ol' auto. 

Mobile Mechanic Roseville Engine Repair
Mobile Mechanic Roseville auto garage

Clutch & Transmission

Is your ride a little herky jerky?  Does it make a grinding noise?  If there are intermittent "shivers" while your stationed at a red light, it could be signs of problems with your vehicle's drivetrain.   These are the car problems that all vehicle owners dread.  They are expensive to fix at a dealer, and are almost never covered by warranty.  Let us take a look to determine if you really need to replace something, or maybe it's another problem that is affecting your car's performance.  Maybe you did a little after market add on, maybe the last time your mechanic fixed something he forgot to put that "extra" bolt back.  In any case getting a proper breakdown of your problems is the first step towards correctly fixing the problem at hand.  Many times what people think is the problem isn't the problem at all and when it comes to the clutch and transmission area, it's much better to get a second opinion before going into such a costly repair. 

Belts Batteries & Lights

Starting, stopping, or being able to see clearly in the dark is normally assumed when you are driving your vehicle.  The reliability is expected.  But there are times when these essential little parts encounter problems.  Making the choice to reach out to Fast and Friendly Mobile Mechanics, is an easy decision when it comes to small replacement jobs like this.  Our prices slaughter what the competition charges.  Obviously there are exceptions, and every vehicle is different.  Some models are more complex than others, but generally speaking when it comes to replacing belts, batteries, or light bulbs, you're looking at the smaller range of auto repairs costs. 

Roseville car battery replacement

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​If you're looking for the right car repair service in the area, don't hesitate  to pick up the phone and get in touch with the professionals at Fast and Friendly Mobile Mechanics.  Not only do we bring you the quality mechanic services you need but also with the convenience of traveling to you.  We know your urgency for a reliable service that's compatible with your schedule.   It's just one more way that we go above and beyond to bring you the best service around.  Pick up the phone or click the link below to call.

“Fast and Friendly mobile mechanics is hands down the best mobile mechanic in the area. I was having reoccurring issues with my car’s engine and couldn’t trust it to make it to the garage. They arrived quickly, got right to work and had the problem solved in hours.”

–  Arvis L.

​“I was wondering, how much does a mechanic cost and made the choice to call Fast & Friendly. They were very helpful over the phone, gave me all the information I needed and after booking service, the resulting price was exactly what they quoted me up front.”

– Sean P.

​“I like that Fast and Friendly Mobile Mechanics provides an emergency mechanic service to the area. After dealing with  engine noises for months, my car finally died one night in a parking lot. They came on site quickly and were able to fix the issue on the spot.”

– Lian J.

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