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Spark Plug Replacement

Spark Plug Replacement

How can you tell if you need to change your spark plugs?  One way is to order our mobile auto repair service to have one of our specialists diagnose it.    Spark plug replacement is one of the most commonly known types of automobile maintenance.  A mobile mechanic can change spark plugs, in their sleep. Spark plugs are the tiny little parts that drives the whole engine, and although they are relatively cheap and easy to replace parts, they are absolutely essential for your car to run properly.  Without them, none of your engine's pistons would fire.  Over time they will wear out and need to be swapped out and replaced with new parts.  Telltale signs that your plugs are starting to wear out are if the engine misfires, or stalls all of a sudden or has ignition problems.  In addition to changing the spark plugs, you could consider having the connecting wires examined and replaced at the same time.

How Spark Plugs Work

How spark plugs work is quite simple really.  Each spark plug is located somewhere on the engine, and its position is directly next to its corresponding cylinder on the engine block.  A charge is applied to one end of the plug via an electrical cable coming from the distributor cap, and this charge creates spark on the other end inside the engine cylinder.
Wow, what a novel idea, spark plugs, well SPARK!
This event, ignites the fuel located within the engine cylinder, causing an explosion, and the expanding gas forces the engine piston to move, and thus giving power to drive the vehicle.  However, all of this happens inside only one cylinder.  In order for the engine to work, each and every other spark plug needs to complete the same task, in an orchestrated way, so that the timing allows the pistons in the engine to fire at a specific time.  If the distributor needs replacement, is what what determines the order and at what time the spark plug sparks in each cylinder individually.

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